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  • How Teh Kohlrabi Bot Relaxes

    We always wondered how Teh Kohlrabi bot relaxed. Here is the tweet that inspired the animation:  

  • Amazon is giving away a big dose of Diablo in the pipe

    Readers of TheKohlrabi were asked to pick their favorite Teh Kohlrabi bot tweet. Here was the tweet that was picked:

  • MegaMan Meow’s to Destroy Kids

    Watch out for Megaman‘s Meow.

  • Mitt Romney Announces New Hearthstone Card

    Mitt Romney has been hoarding Hearthstone cards.

  • If Pac-Man Released in 2015

    It would be a totally super rad cinematic video game story.  

  • LCD Games in Your Head

      Current Nintendo technology is graphically limited to LCD style games during┬átransmission process.