ChumCha the Simlish Music Hit

ChumCha the Simlish Music Hit
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A new top 40 song burst into the scene, not from Katy Perry or Justin Bieber, it was from Pixel Smash. If you’ve been living under a rock, the fast-rising new song is called “ChumCha”, and it’s entirely sung in Simlish. The entire song, according to some translations, is about pizza and how much pizza pleases the eater of pizza. ChumCha was discovered a few weeks ago by a famous blogger on Beatport.

“Pixel Smash totally came out of left field! Their song ChumCha is, fresh, edgy and has taken everyone by surprise.” Said pop culture analyst blogger FussyMusicLover4Eva.

Pixel Smash told The Kohlrabi they have been writing music for quite some time, but since their discovery on Beatport everything has been a whirlwind. Pixel Smash was brought together by their collective love of ChipTunes and GlitchHop. When they first formed, they decided they would try making music for the two genres that brought them together. Soon, Pixel Smash found they were immediately brick-walled out of the ChipTune scene, and the GlitchHop hipsters didn’t want to give the group a chance.

Frustrated, the group gathered one last time to drown their collective sorrows in malt liquor at the local pub. Pixel Smash said that they were ready to disband due to the grief they received from the chiptune scene. Then a member of the group saw a commercial with Ryan Seacrest and then blurted out: “It must but all but impossible to make a name for yourself into the American top 40 or the worldwide pop charts!” That’s when it occurred to the group; they shouldn’t try and break into the top 40 or any established music genre, they should invent an entirely new genre.

“I was watching a YouTube documentary about Will Wright [the creator of the Sims] earlier in the day before we gathered. Then the idea hit me like a ton of bricks! We should write songs in Simlish!” -Derik Garside of Pixel Smash

Pixel Smash said, by using the same logic that the original Sims team did, Simlish, a gibberish language, would be the best for creating relatable songs across all languages and political spectra.  Pixel Smash reasoned that most of us rarely know the words to our favorite songs. We mumble along with the melody, completely unaware that the actual lyric being sung contains unsavory words from Rick Ross. Many of us unknowingly have been there. Now we can mumble along with the made up Simlish words without worry.

The Kohlrabi was unable to obtain the rights to post the song Chumcha. However, here is a sample of Pixle Smash’s song, interpreted from a Simlish approximation to English.*

Friday Pizza Shake:

It’s Friday Pizza Time! Yeah! Shake it! Shake that pizza, pizza, pizza.

Pizza Friday! Friday, yah!

Shake! Shake! Shake! Friday pizza time shake!

*The Kohlrabi brought in an expert of Simlish to translate ChumCha from The Sims 2: Pets Expansion. The words posted by The Kohlrabi are an approximation, we may never know the true words.

Pixel Smash concluded with The Kohlrabi that they are enjoying their success with Simlish and the hit song ChumCha. They have hinted their next album may feature songs written in emoji.