Contrary to Popular Belief Video Games are a Waste of Time

Contrary to Popular Belief Video Games are a Waste of Time
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Cambridge, MA – A new study has shown that video games are in fact a colossal waste of time. Once thought to be a great tool for learning, relaxation, and athleticism. Now a scientific study aims to turn all this around.

When video games first appeared they were seen as a toy, but soon this picture began to turn around when serious doctors and real-life scientists studied the effects games had on children. The results were striking. One of their studies showed, out of 400 participants, 399 showed increased attention spans, improved tests scores in math, reading, and science. It was miraculous, and the results of these tests led to a vigorous interest in the gaming industry which in 1983 was in dire need of rescue.

The Kohlrabi was able to interview Dr Charles Chevnik a MIT professor. He has been at MIT for 30 years. Now in 2015, Dr. Chevnik, a new pioneer in brain science is hoping to show how the old studies are not only wrong but fraudulent. He believes the studies were commissioned by the video game industry to save itself.


Dr. Chevnik was an undergraduate who saw the rise of the suspicious trend in video game science. “Even back then,” he said over the phone. “I saw this whole video game stuff as nonsense. My best friends even were playing them. They’ve lost so much time, what were they thinking!”

He was eventually able to escape the single-minded researchers who ruled the universities back then and established his own research wing at MIT. Twenty years of research is now paying off. Just yesterday he announced the preliminary results of his video game science study. It is a complicated, several page study, but in his words he said; “Simply put, my study shows that there is no proof that video games help in any higher learning abilities, nor possess any qualitative return of invested time.” In other words, video games are useless.

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Already Sony and Microsoft stocks have declined to an all-time low since his announcement, prompting video game entrepreneur William Newell to rush an announcement. Which simply stated that video games were here to stay, and furthermore that the results from Dr. Chevnik were preliminary. It would take years for others to replicate them. But one can’t help but feel a change in people concerning video games.

Martha Clemens of Consumer Report, told TheKohlrabi, “There was an optimism when it came to video games. People played them like they exercised, but now they’re told it doesn’t do anything for them. Imagine how many gyms would be open if doctors told them exercise was useless. Not many.”

It is impossible to say whether the future of video games is a bright one. If Dr. Chevnik is correct, then we should see the video game industry disappear rather quickly like everything else that is a waste of time.