The Most Famous Fish on Twitch Subs to Gamefly

The Most Famous Fish on Twitch Subs to Gamefly
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Niles, NY- Grayson Hopper, the most famous fish on Twitch, has a terrible secret and can no longer keep it to himself. He never learned how to play Pokemon.

“I bought this copy of Pokemon at a local garage sale for a quarter; it would have been fifty cents for the manual too, but all I had was a quarter”-Grayson Hopper

Grayson would then create the account FishPlaysPokemon.

“I created the account to archive my progress of playing Pokemon,” said Grayson. He further explained, “I still have no idea what I’m really supposed to do in Pokemon. I thought after a couple of days I’d get the hang of it, but, nope.”
Grayson kept at it for several weeks. He thought that he understood the general concept. He continued to level up during game play, surely he was on course, but yet, the story, something wasn’t right. He didn’t understand why he, AATTRRZ and his Pokemon AAAABBK, never left Pallet town. Eventually, in order to speed up his progress, Grayson would decide to play the game while any time he would sleep. Meaning, that he would leave the web cam on non-stop.graysontwitch

“That decision sorta backfired in my face,” said Grayson

While his Twitch channel was growing viewership, the fans would believe he was dead. Being the passionate viewers that they were, they took several drastic measures to revive the napping Grayson. One time, a viewer’s attempt was so jarring; he would jump out of his bowl. During his time out in the open ocean of air, he explained he had an epiphany about playing Pokemon. “What if I played OTHER video games?” thought Grayson.  Almost as if a sign from the cosmos, also during his time out in the open air, he saw a commercial for Gamefly.

“I truly love Pokemon. The time that AAAABBK and I have spent together has been, remarkable, but it’s time to try other games.

Grayson, at the end of the interview with TheKohlrabi, joined Gamefly. We asked what was atop of his queue. Grayson told The Kohlrabi that it was exclusively filled with his most desired game, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

“I hear great things about this up and coming Call of Duty game,” said Grayson.