Madden 15 Features More Madden

Madden 15 Features More Madden
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Orlando, FL- The Madden series is striding ever closer to its 3rd decade of existence, and some gamers wonder about its longevity. Yes, the series is venerable, and the brand is still strong, but resting on your laurels is never an option. “The Madden series is always at the top of perfection,” said John Madden. “EA Sports formed a special team of researchers specifically to make Madden 15 the best Madden ever.”

The Kohlrabi MaddenJohn M. stated at a recent press conference that Madden 15 would have more Madden.
As it turns out from early reviews, he was absolutely right.

IGN: 9.5

GameSpot: 10.0

Kotaku: A-

Polygon: 90

The list is pretty much unanimous across the board; everyone loves Madden 15.

“It is made from pure talent. The game was like delicious apple pie,” said Greg Miller in his review for IGN.

John Madden spoke at length in a recent press conference:

“The people at EA did some research, and what they found out, essentially, is that people who buy the computer game want to play the computer game. They’re not just buying a computer game, they’re buying Madden, so I thought, why not let them play as Madden?”

EA Sports has developed a whole new mode of gameplay called Madden Enhanced, but regardless of which mode the player chooses, instant replays are mandatory. Every quarter is given a full review and prediction for the next quarter via the Madden Breakdown. When the game has finished, Madden will pick out his favorite calls of the game, and pick an MVP based on the best Madden comment on a play.

TheKohlrabi Madden Light Pen
Madden 15 will contain the light pen diagrams we’ve come to know and love.
While the Madden Classic mode offers the traditional football simulation gamers have come to know and love, Madden Enhanced mode allows the player to become John Madden.

In Madden Enhanced, players choose the best calls in the game from John’s perspective. According to some early reviewers, it is an enthralling sim that will keep gamers playing for hours.

Features of playing in Madden Enhanced mode include mini-games where the player makes commercials for Ace Hardware, Tinactin, and of course, Miller Lite. There is also a GTA-style open-world America to explore with Madden’s bus. No details were left out, as half of the bus contains grills and a buffet table. Another mini-game is an eating competition between John and the 2014-15 players. Successfully completing mini-games earns the player money, which will aid in construction of the best possible team of free agent players.

Madden in bus Kohlrabi
Redefine overeating on Madden’s bus!
Another perk of Madden Enhanced mode is the ability to create new Maddenisms, rendered from a dictionary of over 20,000 words recorded in HD sound by the legendary coach himself. Alternatively, players may select from several classic Maddenisms such as:

If you don’t score points, you can’t win.

This offense has two types of plays: running and passing.

Favre is a guy that sees better when he puts in his contact lenses.

EA Sports has even included an online forum where players vote for their favorite user-created Maddenism. The top 3 as of this publication are:

When you haven’t eaten, you’re going to get hungry. This offense looks hungry.

Football is all mental. It’s also very physical.

Catching a football is easy. Except for when it’s hard.

EA Sports has announced a contest to promote playing in Madden Enhanced mode. The first player to go undefeated will have John come to his or her house on Thanksgiving Day, present the winner with the traditional turkey, and share a meal with the player’s family and friends.

Kohlrabi EA Sports Madden 15 Article pic
EA Sports has gone above and beyond for Madden 15.
Electronic Arts is predicting that they will sell 10 million copies the first week of being released. The EA representative let The Kohlrabi know with the array of positive reviews and the confidence of John that they were comfortable with their prediction.