The “T” in T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas’

The “T” in T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas’
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Warren, PA – Blake J. Harris opened Pandora’s box regarding Yoshi’s full name. Blake discovered Yoshi’s full and proper name is; T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas. Blake’s evidence creates more questions. Many still wonder what the “T” may stand for in Yoshi’s full name. Why would the young dinosaur go through such trouble to keep his first name private?

“I actually changed my name twice,” said Yoshi during the interview with The Kohlrabi.

Many Kohlrabi readers may speculate that the T stands for Tyrannosaurus, and they would be incorrect.

“I wish my first name was Tyrannosaurus; that woulda been so awesome,” said Yoshi.

Yoshi-SaurusThe T stands for Tea. The same plane ol’ tea that you would get in the bag, as in perhaps the Lipton variety. Yoshi let the Kohlrabi know that his original name Tea did not have any religious connotation, nor was it passed down from the numerous Munchakoopas generations. During the interview, The Kohlrabi interjected to Yoshisaur that schoolyard kids must have been to blame for wanting to change his name.

“Nope!” Explained Yoshi! He proclaimed his answer as almost if he read our staff member’s mind.

“Would you believe the Mushroom Kingdom is a really progressive place” asked Yoshisaur in reply to The Kohlrabi’s interview questions. The Kohlrabi found out that the name Tea didn’t cause the young Tea Yoshisaur any trouble. That was until he got a bit older.

Mr. Munchakoopas begrudging recounted to the Kohlrabi, he would encounter Phanto at the Shy Guy Bazaar. Yoshi and his best pal Mario Mario were walking down one of the streets in the Bazaar. Mario had spotted one of Phanto’s key on the ground and pointed it out to his best pal Tea Yoshisaur. Yoshi thought he would be a good Samaritan and picked up the key, but accidentally swallowed Phanto’s precious key.

“The next thing I heard was, Tea, run!” Said Yoshi during his recollection of the traumatic events at the Shy Guy Bazaar, he continued “everything is a blur for me from that point on”.

*Editor note: Yoshi was unwilling to answer any further questions after this point in the interview.

The Kohlrabi reached out to Maro Mario for comment on Yoshi’s story and he replied to us via email with;

“I instructed Tea Yoshisaur to run because Phanto was chasing him. Phanto thought Yoshi was participating in what was called “Phanto’s Game”, which is a sick, twisted, frightening psychological game. Once Phanto learned that Yoshi’s first name was Tea, Phanto started to scream out multiple unnerving tones, each more terrifying than the last, “I’m going to Teabag Tea!”

The Kohlrabi learned from the correspondence from Mario that during the screaming and confusion it naturally frightened Yoshi. It a combination of confusion and chaos that caused Yoshi to succumb to a humiliating act from Phanto’s Game. Phanto would proceed to make several gallons of sweet tea while pinning Tea Yoshisaur to the ground. All the while, Phanto was laughing maniacally . This act ended Phanto’s Game via failure.

Nintendo has released extraordinarily little information about Phanto, and his game. This has been done with good reason; Phanto is a complete asshole. They only used Phanto in Super Mario Brother’s two because they weren’t sure if the Mario Bro’s franchise would make money. As Yoshi explained earlier to The Kohlrabi, Nintendo hired just about anybody, for SMB2. Anybody that showed up for an audition, and subsequently would work for free, got a job.

Phanto in T Yoshisaur Munchakoopas

The situation was traumatizing to the young dino. Ever since his experience at the bazaar Yoshisaur did not want anything to remind him of the hellacious day. Subsequently, Yoshi changed his first name Tea to simply T.. Eventually later in life Yoshi would completely drop “T” and would formally have his first name changed so he would be known as Yoshi.