The Kohlrabi’s E3 Predictions, Because, Why Not?

The Kohlrabi’s E3 Predictions, Because, Why Not?
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The Kohlrabi staff predicted what they hope will be the best of E3 2015 in a brand new top 10.

1. Konami shows up and confirms they pulled biggest prank upon the world.

C-mon delisting themselves from the NYSE? We all had a good laugh.

2. Nintendo disrupts feed of E3 broadcast with live broadcast of a drunk Satoru Iwata.

Satoru drunk at the control deck for their E3 broadcast short circuted the link. Fortunately, he was prepared to go in his drunken stupor.

3. Fallout 4.

4. The resurgence of educational games is astonishing.

Where in the World did Carmen Sandiego Die in Oregon Trail?

where in the world is the dead Carmen Sandiego

5. Call of Duty releases demo of most anticipated war simulator yet. Call of Duty War of 182: Sonnova-Brit.

6. Steam introduces new feature that will automatically add/purchase games in your wish list when their sale price is below a dollar.

Customers found it at first surprising, but then acquiesce, as said customer would have purchased the particular game for that price point anyway.

7. Apple announces Apple Zippin exclusively sold online at Amazon.

Everyone will want this, or convince themselves they will.

8. Farm Simulator is petitioned to be ported to the Wii U. In a surprising twist, EA re-releases Sim-Farm.

Will Wright has been said to be red with anger about the re-release.

9, SEGA provides Boner Deflectors for Men, in light of recently released game, Alpha Protocol 2, and Camel Covers for Women.

10. Thomas the E3 Hype Train kills three people on the way to Los Angeles.